Become an VIP user to get more advantages

Many users ask us to boost their YouTube channel faster, and how to use boost view/subscription service.
Now it is available on the app. Just become an VIP user, everything will be served.

1. How to become an VIP user?

- To become an VIP user, you just need to purchase any coin package via Google Play

- To purchase any coin package, on left aside menu you click on [Buy coins and VIP] to select and purchase any coin package that you want.

- There are several VIP levels depend on how many coins you bought:
    + VIP 1: You need to buy at least 2000 coins (Bronze package)
    + VIP 2: You need to buy at least 10000 coins (in total)
    + VIP 3: You need to buy at least 30000 coins (in total)
    + VIP 4: You need to buy at least 80000 coins (in total)
    + VIP 5: You need to buy at least 150000 coins (in total)
    + VIP 6: You need to buy at least 250000 coins (in total)
    + S-VIP: You need to buy at least 400000 coins (in total)
    + SS-VIP: You need to buy at least 900000 coins (in total)
    + SSS-VIP: You need to buy at least 1500000 coins (in total)
    + GOD: You need to buy at least 10000000 coins (in total)

- Each VIP level has a specified high priority for us to serve (depends on total coins you bought)

2. What are advantages of an VIP user?

- Our boost view service will serve you whenever you request us for views. Our users from VIP service will watch your videos whenever you create view exchanges for your videos

- You have 1 view exchange + 1 like exchange + 1 comment exchange + 1 sub exchange will always be on top of the app by default, that means other users can see your exchanges and help you to gain more views/likes/comments/subscriptions with high engagement

- Our boost view service also serves free users, but it is not with high responsive as VIP users

3. Our packages

- Bronze package (2000 coins)
- Silver package (6000 coins)
- Gold package (15000 coins)