How to use?

Some users do not know how to use this app and how it helps them to grow their channel, then they rate this app 1 star on Store.
It is really sad and we decide to create this page to guide users how to use this app. This document will help you to get started with the app faster and use the app more effective.

1. Add your YouTube videos/channels to the app

Click [My videos] or [My channels]
on left aside menu

Click on [+] button
to add/import your videos/channels

Input your video link
to add video manually

Or import your videos
from any channel

2. Create your own exchanges

Click on [+] button
on main screen

Select a video
and configure your exchange

Edit or delete your exchange
to get your coins back if you want

View detail to check
who reacted to your exchange

3. Exchange to gain more views/subscribers/likes/comments

Watch/Like/Comment/Subscribe other users videos/channels
to gain coins and make your own exchanges

Click [Auto run]
for fast earning coins

Click [History] menu
to track your coins

4. Manually channel subscribing/video liking/video commenting

Make sure you logged into the app and YouTube website with the same account

5. To change or switch your logged in Google account, please go to [Add channel] or [Add video] screen, then click [Switch account] button

6. Do not create too many exchanges for one video. YouTube does not count many views from one IP address in a very short time

7. When you create an exchange and use your coins to gain views/subs/likes/comments, that means your coins now available for other users who will watch your video/subscribe your channel/like your video/comment on your video. You can delete your exchange if you are not sure about your exchange or want to get your coins back

8. To see your all exchanges, on main screen you click on three dots icon on top right corner, then change Owner filter from Owner (All) to Owner (Mine)

9. Our system will delete old and unused exchanges after 7 days automatically, and put the available coins back to your account. Do not delete your exchange if you think someone is cheating your coins. Because our Anti-Cheat system need evidence to scan and ban cheaters.

10. Our boost view/subscription service will serve everyone everyday, then every user can gain free views/subscriptions. But with free user it could be slow, to boost your views/subscriptions faster you have to become an VIP user

11. Your account will be deleted automatically if you are a normal user (not an VIP user) and you are not active after 45 days.